Issaquah, Washington
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Tibbetts Creek Valley

The Tibbetts Creek Valley Subarea is located south of Newport way and east of SR 900. This subarea includes approximately 93 acres. The effective date of this annexation was September 19, 1996. The valley floor in this area generally exhibits prime agricultural soils. Much of this subarea has been developed at an average density of one dwelling unit per four acres. Non-residential land uses include a landscape nursery and a horse ranch.

Future development within the valley will most likely consist of single family residential on larger suburban lots, due to environmental constraints and a desire to maintain the existing character of the area. Future development will also be required to be compatible with the Tibbetts Creek Greenway Restoration Project. The goals of the Greenway Project are to: improve the water quality of the stream and restore the productivity of the stream and corridor; restore the quality of fish and wildlife habitat within and adjacent to the stream in order to increase the diversity and abundance of species using the stream and associated wetlands; and provide a trail system and recreational and interpretive facilities and improve public access and recreational use of the lower Tibbetts Creek area.

Several development issues exist in this subarea as they do in the East Cougar Mountain PAA, including: hillside tree preservation, flooding, erosion, sedimentation and non-point pollution. Coal mines are a potential environmental and safety issue.

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