Issaquah, Washington
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The Sycamore Subarea is located on both sides of Front Street South (Issaquah/Hobart Road S.E.), at the southern edge of the City limits. The primary land use is existing single family development, which has occurred over the last twenty years. This subarea contains a significant amount of vacant land; however, the majority of the vacant land is constrained by steep slopes, potential flooding and wetlands. In addition to critical areas, another subarea concern is potentially failing septic systems. Most of the existing residences are currently utilizing septic systems. Many of these septic systems are not consistent with existing City standards.

Within this subarea, the Parkside Annexation (October 1994) is an approximately 30 acre area located on the west side of Issaquah-Hobart Road. Approximately 11 acres on the north side of this project are designated as Community Facilities - Recreation. The southern 18 acres (approximately) are zoned SF-E (Single Family Estate 1.24 du/acre). Of these 18 acres, the most southern 12.76 acres are owned by the Parkside Partnership. Issues that are currently affecting this area include: Issaquah Creek floodplain, wetlands, surface water quality and the elimination of nonpoint pollution, and the extension of sewer and water service.

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