Issaquah, Washington
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The Montreux Subarea is located at the western end of the City, on the northern slopes of Cougar Mountain, overlooking I-90 and Lake Sammamish. Montreux was platted in the early 1990's with the majority of the subdivision made up of homes on 7,200 square foot lots clustered around permanent open space tracts. A 100 unit multifamily complex was incorporated into the overall development to provide affordable housing within the subdivision. The housing developments are situated on the flatter benches, and the steeper slopes have been retained in permanent open space tracts. Steep slopes are the primary environmental constraint in the subarea. A primary issue with the Montreux Subdivision was view preservation from the I-90 corridor and valley floor. Tree cutting was limited throughout the subdivision in order to maintain the tree covered hillsides and screen the housing development from surrounding areas.

Since development in the Montreux Subarea was only recently completed (2000) it is highly unlikely that any significant changes will occur to this subarea over the next twenty years.

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