Issaquah, Washington
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Lake Tradition

The Lake Tradition Subarea is located at the eastern end of the City, on the northwestern side of Tiger Mountain, bordering I-90. The subarea consists of approximately 587 acres of undeveloped forest land and watershed. The subarea is used as a natural resource and low impact recreational area, with a portion of the land developed for a utility station and utility corridors.

The Lake Tradition Subarea is a prime area for aquifer recharge, which is important to Issaquah, since the City's water system is primarily dependent on groundwater supply. Development is not allowed in the subarea, other than utility facilities, trails and other development, which supports low impact recreational use such as hiking, walking, and bird watching. The entire subarea was designated a conservancy zone through the Land Use Code update (effective January 1994), consistent with theState Department of Natural Resources designation for the area. The area will continue to be designated a conservation area and is considered an urban separator through the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan.

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