Issaquah, Washington
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I-90 Subarea

The I-90 Subarea is located on the north side of I-90, at the south end of Lake Sammamish, including part of the Lake Sammamish State Park. The subarea is primarily commercial and industrial in character; however, there is some single family development adjacent to Lake Sammamish and also by NE Juniper Street, next to the Lakeside Gravel operations on the eastern edge of the subarea.

The development along S.E. 56th Street (also called N.W. Sammamish) is primarily office, service oriented commercial, and large scale commercial. Pickering Place, which has been developed for large scale commercial retail uses and smaller scale, service oriented commercial, is located immediately adjacent to I-90. The historic Pickering Farm, which includes Pickering Barn, is being improved as a citywide community asset. The environmental constraints which are present in the subarea are flooding, wetlands and streams. Future development shall continue to meet the City's development regulations relating to environmentally sensitive areas and will be designed to limit and/or reduce future flooding.

Limited opportunities exist to cross I-90 between this subarea and the remainder of the City, and this presents a challenge to developing effective and efficient pedestrian and nonmotorized linkages throughout the City. The City's shuttle service links the I-90, Gilman and Olde Town Subarea. In the future, pedestrian and bicycle trails, and increased bus service will be developed to connect various land uses within the subarea and provide connections to the other subareas.

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