Issaquah, Washington
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An Introduction to Issaquah, Washington

The City of Issaquah is primarily located on a valley floor bordered by the steep, forested hillsides of Tiger, Squak and Cougar mountains and by the southern end of Lake Sammamish. The heart of the community is the City’s historic downtown. Issaquah Creek and the Fish Hatchery are the predominant presence throughout the city center. Public buildings and amenities create a central campus of destination facilities and areas for community interaction.

Diverse residential neighborhoods and commercial areas fill in the valley’s floor. Historic housing areas, multifamily complexes and newer suburban neighborhoods extend the community’s characteristic ties to its natural environment. Open spaces, trees, landscaping, parks and recreational areas are interspersed throughout the City. Established neighborhoods are nestled in the surrounding treecovered hillsides, in close proximity to newer urban villages surrounded by open space environments.

A variety of business uses coexist. The tree-lined Gilman Boulevard, the historic downtown and newer retail complexes combine to meet the needs of residents. The City is the beneficiary of the economic vitality provided by diversity of economic activity; from small to large retail stores; cultural and recreational attractions; and commercial offices that range from home businesses to international corporate headquarters.

The City has invested generously in public parks, open space and recreational properties. Municipal facilities allow a high level of service to residents. Protection of the City’s quality of life, natural environment and the small town atmosphere of its downtown core have been major themes is land use decisions.

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